Crescent Point Energy Corp. has discovered issues regarding the odorization level of some propane sold to primarily wholesale customers from our Viewfield and Glen Ewen gas processing plants, and the Saskatchewan Ethane Extraction Plant (SEEP), all in southeastern Saskatchewan. Certain loads of propane sold from those plants appear to have not contained the appropriate levels of the odorant that is added to propane to help alert consumers should a gas leak occur.

Crescent Point takes this matter very seriously and is committed to protecting the health and safety of the public and its employees. Upon discovering the odorant issue, we immediately notified our customers and have been working with them to identify, and remedy the situation with, local retail propane suppliers. Crescent Point also immediately revised operations and added additional processes to ensure propane shipped from our facilities today and in the future meets or exceeds government specifications for odorant levels.

What does this mean?

Using propane without the addition of sufficient odorization will not affect the functioning of any propane appliance. However, because propane is odorless, without the addition of sufficient odorization, consumers may not be alerted to a leak by the smell. While gas leaks are rare, failure to detect them can result in fire, explosions or personal injury. No incidents or injuries related to this issue have been reported.

Crescent Point sells primarily to wholesale customers. We are actively working with our customers to identify local retail propane suppliers who may have purchased or received shipments of affected propane. Through this process, Crescent Point and its customers have been, and are, working hard to alert local propane suppliers to the risks of odorless propane, to test propane supplies for end-use consumers and to correct odorization levels or replace purchased propane, if necessary.

To date, Crescent Point and its customers have identified the following impacted provinces and states:

Canada: Manitoba and Saskatchewan

United States: Distributed in Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Utah, delivered by various companies and sold by retailers between April 2009 and October 2015

We believe that combined production from our Viewfield and Glen Ewen plants and SEEP represents approximately 2.5 percent of the combined propane demand of the impacted provinces and states.

What should consumers do?

A number of local propane suppliers in the impacted provinces and states who may have received under-odorized propane have already been contacted and Crescent Point is actively working with its customers to identify the remaining suppliers. Retail consumers in those provinces and states who are concerned about purchased or delivered propane should contact their local retail propane supplier to arrange for a free inspection or contact the Crescent Point hotline listed below to assist in arranging a free inspection. If there is insufficient odorant for propane we have supplied, we will immediately arrange for appropriate odorization or provide a replacement portable propane tank.

Consumers should have carbon monoxide alarms in homes or other buildings that utilize gas. If consumers do smell even a faint odor of gas or a gas leak, they should immediately leave the building and call 911 or their gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. Do not light a match turn on a light or switch on anything electrical.

Consumers should not try to test the propane gas themselves. They should call their propane supplier or Crescent Point Energy. Consumers can reach Crescent Point by calling the toll-free hotline at 1-866-421-4266 or by emailing